Alien Kings, First Issue Cover Art
Cover Original Sketch
Saak'Kin Character Spread
Early Saak'kin Sketch 1
Early Saak'kin Sketch 2
Saak'kin Final Design Sketch
Saak'kin Expressions
Hibe'mm Character Spread
Hibe'mm Final Design Sketch
Hibe'mm bothers Saak'kin
Hibe'mm Expressions
Saak'kin is mad at Hibe'mm
Czeala Spread Sheet
Early Czeala Sketch
Early Czeala Sketch 2
Ruhna Spread Sheet
Early Ruhna Sketch 2
Early Ruhna Sketch
Czeala and Ruhna fighting
Saak'kin Trips Draico
The crew early sketch
Unfinished Crew Art
ASD space station concept
ASD Bridge
Television Interview Room
Page 1 Sketch
Page 2 Sketch


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